A young couple are offered a chance

Maura burst into tears and grabbed her pocketbook and dashed off to the ladies room. For about the millionth time. So much for this night. And this marriage. We’d had a decent run as husband and wife. Most marriages founder on the same rocks – bad communications, children, outside interference, money, sex, bad communications, ridiculous

A Catholic Girl Gets What She Wants

Alice was a good Catholic girl, at least in all the ways that matter. She went to church regularly. She believed in God. She took seriously the Church’s teaching on various issues, abortion, just war, marriage and divorce. The one thing that she struggled with was sex. It’s not that she was a wild one

A story about how a middle-aged housewife becomes a total slut

The new job sucked and I knew it. Collecting loan payments and data entry was my main duties and this was my second day on the job. Old Jackson suddenly retired opened up this great job (if you’re a loser ). After ringing the doorbell I stood back to check out the house. Big rich

Cheerleader Leah and the tigers – JUST BESTIALITY

Eighteen year-old, blond, cheerleader captain Leah waved to the other girls as they got into Sandy’s car. Kimberly rolled down the back window and asked, “You sure you don’t want me to stay and help Lee?” “No,” Leah answered. “You know Brad will be waiting at the party for you, just go and have fun.

My first BBW

It all happened last summer, I was hired to clean a couples pool. I get in my truck and head to the address of the house. In the town were the couple lived at, there was a ton of hot girls outside. I knock at the door, the lady that opened up the door was