A business woman and the fake taxi

It had been a very long, boring day. I was in an unfamiliar city, working with people I’d never met before, discussing things we weren’t sure were going to happen. And this was going to last the whole week. Sighing, I stood outside the building, waiting for the cab to come take me to my

Erin loves to work out, in many ways

Erin stood in the elevator as it descended. She looked at her watch, three thirty, just an hour before her boyfriend got home from work. She loved this time of the day; it was the time she set aside to workout. To tone her body into something she had seen in all those bridal magazines

Two female cousins get together for some fun and a first time sex experience with each other and Enzo the family pet

Last night we had fun, nasty fun and it was so good for me. Let me explain. My cousin Niki came over tonight for some of that promiscuous fun tonight and she arrived around eight thirty with her pajamas and a toothbrush. “Hi Yvette dear,” she said and gave me her normal greeting kiss we